Welcome to the IÉSEG Research Center iFlame

IFLAME is the IÉSEG Research Center on Family, Labor and Migration Economics. IFLAME was launched in 2021 to promote research activities at the frontier of this cross-disciplinary field in Economics, which studies the microeconomic determinants of individual labor supply and family outcomes.


Nowadays, family, labor supply and mobility decisions are closely intertwined. The mission of the IFLAME group is to study these decisions, by promoting research activities at the crossroads of family, labor and migration economics.

In practice, our research agenda aims at investigating:
> Family-related factors that shape labor supply decisions,
> Labor mobility and long-term effects of large-scale migrations,
> Cross-cultural economic effects, and migrant-to-native interactions,
> Firm level factors that determine labor demand,
> Government policies and labor market institutions (particularly EU-level).


In order to meet our research objective our group adopts a unified empirical approach that combines multiple techniques, notably structural estimation, quasi experimental methods, instrumental variables, and randomized control trials.

To learn more about iFlame, please contact any member of our faculty or research staff.